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BeiJing Private 6 Days Tour
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           Beijing Six-Days Private Tour


  The below tour is tailored for you exclusively. You will enjoy Private car, driver and tour guide. We also can arrange customer tailored itinerary according to your request.

Beijing Six-Days Private Tour外宾北京6日游线路

 Detail Itinerary:

  Day 1. Entry Beijing  
Private vehicle and English-speaking tour guide will
pick you up from airport. Then we will transfer you to
hotel. Remainder of the day is at leisure.

 Day 2.Tiananmen Square, Forbidden city, Beijing
Hutong, Temple of Heaven

Pick you up from hotel at 08:30 am. Drive to visit
Tiananmen Square -the biggest downtown Square of
the world. Then we will visit the Forbidden City -also
called Palace Museum, is located at the center of
Beijing. It was the imperial palace during the Ming and
Qing dynasties. Rectangular in shape, Forbidden City is
the world‘s largest palace complex. Take sightsee in
this attractions for 1.5 to 2 hours along the central axis
from south to north. Have lunch in local family. Drive
30 minutes to Beijing Hutong -ancient city alley in
Beijing. Many of them were built during the Yuan
(1206-1341), Ming (1368-1628) and Qing (1644-1908)
dynasties surrounding the Forbidden City. Take
rickshaw to visit Hutong including local family, Drum
Tower, Houhai Lake and Bar Street. Proceed to Temple
of Heaven. Built in 1420, Temple of Heaven is situated
south of Beijing city. It is the best preserved and
largest sacrificial building complex in the world. Visit
the attractions for one hour. Be transferred back to
your hotel after the tour (Lunch, Dinner).

  Day 3. Great Wall, Ming Tombs (Changling)

Pick you up from hotel at 08:30 am. Drive 1.5 hours to
the famous Badaling Great Wall -the most famous
section of Great Wall, well maintained, easy for
travelers to walk along the defensive project of ancient
China. Take sightseeing on Badaling Great Wall for
about 2 hours. Cable car is optional to get the top to
have a bird view of the wall. Take sightseeing on the
wall for 2 hours. Drive 30 minutes to local restaurant
with SICHUAN flavor to have typical Chinese lunch.
You have about 50 minutes for lunch and rest. Drive 30
minutes to the Ming Tombs. Located 60 Kilometers
north of Beijing, Ming Tombs consist of mausoleums of
13 Ming emperors. Changling is the most famous one.
Construction of the Changling was started in 1409 and
completed in 1427. Visit Changling -the largest one of
Ming Tombs for 1 hour. Enjoy dinner in a local
restaurant with Chinese-Mongolia flavor. Transfer you
back to your hotel. (Lunch, Dinner)

  Day 4. Beijing Zoo (Panda), Lama Temple, Summer
Palace, Beijing Opera

Pick you up from hotel at 08:30 am. Drive to Beijing
Zoo to see Great Panda. Then we will visit Lama
Temple -a renowned lama temple of the Yellow Hat
Sect of Lamaism, is the only downtown Buddhism
temple in Beijing. Lama Temple is a former imperial
palace in Qing dynasty. Afer lunch, proceed to visit
Summer Palace -20 kilometers northwest of downtown
Beijing. Summer Palace is the largest imperial garden
of Ming and Qing dynasty. The whole Summer
Palacecovers an area of over 290 hectares including
more than 3,000 buildings, such as halls, pavilions,
towers, etc. Taste the delicious Beijing Roast Duck for
dinner. Eating Peking duck is seen to be one of the two
things you are absolutely supposed to do while in
Beijing. Drive to Liyuan theatre to Enjoy Beijing Opera.
Beijing Opera is deemed the national opera of China.
The accompanying music, singing and costumes are
full of Chinese cultural facts. It presents an
encyclopedia of Chinese culture as well as unfolding
stories, beautiful paintings, exquisite costumes and
graceful gestures. Be transferred back to your hotel
after the tour. (Lunch, Dinner)

  Day 5. Beijing Planning Exhibitional Hall, Olympic
Village (under construction)

Pick you up from hotel at 08:30 am. Visit Beijing
Planning Exhibitional Hall -this huge hall will show you
not only the 3000 years history of Beijing, but also the
future planning of this city including some models of
Olympic. Drive to the future location of Olympic Village
to have glance of the building project. Tour guide will
do some introduction of the blueprint. Afternoon is free
for you to explore the city on your own. (Lunch)

  Day 6. Departure

Pick you up from hotel and transfer to airport for


Once received your above information, we will start to

arrange tour details according to your request.


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