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Xi‘an panorama in THREE DAYS
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  XiAn Panorama Private Three-Day tour



circuit type: Hot City ( xian)  


Tour Description:

Day 1:


You guide will meet you at your hotel or airport to start your tour.


After about one hour‘s ride, you will be transferred to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum

(around 2 and a half hours--3 hours visit )



followed by a lunch in a local restaraunt.After

lunch , Drive  back to the city to visit 6000 years ago the BanPo Neolithic Village ( around 1 hour visit) 


Then, back to your hotel have a rest .

During the evening,You may interested to enjoy an optional excursion tour, The famous Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show and Local Special Dumpiing Banquet .


Transfer back to your hotel and end the first day‘s tour.



Day 2:


Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 9:0 or 9:30am ,you


will first visit the renowned Buddist temple named Big


Wild Goose Pagoda,


 The Water Music Fountain at the North Square of Pagoda

(around 1 and a haif hours -2 hours visit )

Take a lunch in a local restaraunt, then visit  the ancient

City Wall


 (about 1 and a half hour-2 hours  bike on the Wall  )     

Take you back to your hotel and end the Second day‘s tour.

Day 3:


Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 9:00 or 9:30am,


Enjoy a leisure stroll at  The Bell & The Drum Tower,

 Visit The  Great Mosque




     &               the Muslim street .


  If time permits, on the way to the airport, Could also go vist the Tomb of JingDi (HanYang Ling Museum )

( about 1 and a half hour visit )

Then set off the airport .




Optional Stop ,Visit or Entertainment:

A.The stop in the workshop for making Terra-cotta

Warriors if you want to learn more about the YCW or

SHOP.  It’s a workshop originally for making the

lacquered wares,like the lacquered table,chairs and so

on,but latter on,because of the discovery of TCW,they

began to make the reproductions of the warriors,one

hand ,they try to show the visitor how the warriors are

made ,you may see how those craftsman doing

carvings on the faces of those warriors,which is the

most impressive or difficult part for making those

warrors since you can not find out the twins among all

those warriors,and also ,you may see the kilns for

baking those warriors,it’s quite intresting.On the other

hand,they do sell those warriors for business from the

tinny size to the life size,if you really like somethings

as a gifts for friends or familes,you may go for it.But

you don’t have to buy anything since nobody will push

you to do that.That is the information about this

workshop,it’s better to make everything clear before

anyone who wants to join this tour .Free to decide if

you want to stop there or not,Please do let us know if

you do not want to make a stop there .
B. The dumpling banquet and the Tang Dynasty Show

in the evening.

Dinner show in the Shannxi Grand Opera House,which

is the most traditional dumpling banquet and the Tang

dynasty show,the dinner will be the most traditional

dumpling ,and this 

dumpling banquet contains some 16 courses of the different shaped dumpling with very different fillings inside,some will be made in the shape of achiken,

which indicates the fillings inside will be chiken meat, some will be made like a duck,meaning the filling is duck,so it will be another intresting and cultural eating experience.For the show,it‘s called the Tang dynasty show,it’s known to all that Tang dynasty is the most prosperous and glorious society in the Chinese history,which is called the gooden age, so this

show fully shows the prosperity of the Tang empire in

the feild of the imperial life ,the art,religion ,music and

so on by the menas of graceful dancing and

singing.From this show,you will see how beautiful and

colorful costume in the Tang dynasty is ,and how

elegant the dance is.


 The fee includes :

*We offer a private car/van, driver and an English-

speaking tour guide just for your  or your family.


*Bottled water will also be provided.


Cost does not include:

 *None of the entrance tickets fee or meals is included.


This will make your tour more flexible and provide

more choices for you to enjoy genuine Xi’an food. Our

guides are always happy to recommend.


*Tips are non-compusory but appreciated to show your

gratitude to the work of the guide and driver.


At their own expense to the project :

Options: 1)Tang Dynasty Cultural Show & Dumpling



2)Night tour of Xian ;


Warm reminder :

Time slot: From 9am _ 6pm( 9 hours including lunch)


Pick up & Drop off: At your convenience in Xi‘an


XiAn Stefanie‘s Private Tour Service

Tourists satisfaction is our highest priority. Please

feel free to contact us


E-mail: stefanie_29@hotmail.com


Tel: (+86) 130 0842 1515  

Tel: (+86) 181 4906 6779  ( 24 Hours )


Wechat:  +86 130 0842 1515

Address: No. 6 FengHe Road ,XiAn China.


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